What is included in my collection fee?

Collections include communication with me prior to your session on location, lighting, timing, wardrobe, and special details you want captured during our time together. Also includes my travel time to/from location (within the QCA), post processing with hand editing your gallery, your gorgeous online viewing gallery, and access to my professional printer. Sessions range from 30-60 minutes depending on the flow of your family / business. Your collection will also include full size digital files with a print release. My online galleries also provide access to my professional printer for prints, canvases, metal prints - and recently deep  matte prints (gorgeous!). I also provide a 30% discount on all print purchases with my full collections.

Mini collections are offered only at specific times during the year. A mini collection includes your choice of 10 digitals during a 20 minute session (with an option to purchase your entire gallery, individual digitals, or prints if you choose to).


why do you deliver digital images verse prints?

My style doesn't allow my heart to only give my clients a few images or prints. That's why my smallest collection allows for 10 digitals and full collections deliver the whole gallery. When telling your story + documenting your moments I don't want to leave out any details - and I don't want you to miss them either. My beautiful online galleries always offer a la carte pricing for prints, canvases, or additional digitals with my smaller collection. Leaving you with the whole story - not just a chapter. 


what will my session be like?

My style is not for everyone and that's okay. It's moody, emotional + authentic. I love the look of classic film so I often emulate that feel with a twist. I want nothing more than my clients to be happy with their galleries so it's important that your vision coincides with my style. I'm here to capture your moments + connections and tell your story. My client's are typically creative and non-traditional. My galleries help you remember the little every day moments. I use no formal props and encourage having activities/ideas for children or a location that spurs creative play. I do minimal posing and provide prompts to enhance interactions between couples + families. I always have a "wish list" of locations I would love to take couples + families - so just ask - and I'll provide ideas to make your session unique to you and yours.


how much will it cost me?

All of my investment pricing is simple. Full collections start at $375+tax and mini galleries start at $200+tax (mini sessions only offered at photographer's discretion at specific times of the year). I like to keep things simple and include personally hand edited digitals with the collection pricing. Never outsourced. Each image touched specifically by me. You can also order individual a la carte prints + canvases in additional to your gallery purchase.


when can i see my images?

4-6 weeks after our session, you'll receive an email to view your online gallery. I allot this amount of time to put my whole heart and creativity into every detail of your session. If you have chosen a full session you will also receive a download pin to for your full gallery. If you have chosen a mini session you will be able to choose your favorite 10 digitals and I will provide your download gallery.  From there, purchasing additional digitals or prints is easy.


what if my kids wont cooperate?

Find me a kid that will! (especially a 2 or 3 year old). I totally get it. My little guy is either asleep or at top speed (he gets it from my husband). The beauty of a lifestyle family session is that I want to capture what makes your family unique. I encourage moments for your kids to explore the area (which is typically new to them!) And i'll get some shots of them playing in the dirt, finding an amazing bug, or running after their sibling. A little dirt on tiny pants and toes is darling and I'm happy to chase after your ever-moving children. Your children being themselves will make your session so special and help you all remember just as things were. Perfectly imperfect. Embrace it.


does it matter what i wear? 

Yes - it matters! I provide a style guide + pinterest board for inspiration for your session all included in my welcome PDF. I will also personally help you make those last minute shoe and scarf decisions. For more one-on-one / in-store assistance I have partnered with a former boutique owner - and would love to set you up with an appointment. 

I also have a local make-up artist that would get you looking your best prior to your session so you can worry about finding your little's matching shoe instead of your smeared eyeliner. Contact me for pricing and availability.


what's in your camera bag?

Two Canon 5d Mark IIs. One that I prefer to shoot with and a back up (just in case!). I have a variety of lenses but love my Canon 35mm 1.4L and Sigma 24mm ART. I still take out my Canon Rebel for some free lance and side work but my Mark and 35mm / 24mm are my go-to for the majority of my work. My bag also has a 50, 85, and a few zoom lenses that usually collect dust. While I do have a handful of external flashes that I will use at indoor events I prefer natural light and the mood it creates - especially at sunset. 

I also have a Fujifilm x100t mirrorless camera for creating my own personal family memoir that I can toss in a purse or handbag instead of lugging around my full DSLRs. 

I keep everything safe and sound in my Portage Supply Co leather backpack.


what is your post processing workflow?

My post processing workflow consists of dumping all of your gorgeous 100% raw photos onto my MacBook pro laptop or 27" Mac desktop to begin to cull your photos. I back up all my photos x3 on an external hard drive, my laptop, and online backup until your online gallery is delivered. I look through each photo individually for clarity, mood, and lighting and decide which images make the cut for hand editing and delete the rest. I do 95% of my editing in Lightroom and will occasionally pull into Photoshop for some advanced editing. 


what if I want just a few images?

As my style is candid + storytelling I do not offer any smaller packages with fewer images unless you are receiving a custom headshot collection.


do you have a studio?

Yes! - We have turned our spare bedroom into a natural light / lifestyle studio. Decked out in all white with a comfy queen-sized bed and old-style bed frame its the perfect setting for a cozy / relaxed session appropriate for boudoir, headshots, couples, family, or milestones.