Show 'em some love! (your fav photog that is!) / Quad City Lifestyle Photographer / Iron + Lace


There are few things I don’t love about owning my own business / being a photog. Occasional weird hours or over-working myself are pretty much the summation of the toughest parts. I like being my own boss, making all the decisions (yup I’m THAT person - ask my husband), meeting new people, creating art and capturing connections. BUT REALLY - one of the BEST PARTS - (if not the best best best) is when my clients gush over their photos + experience. When you are a one-man show and you don’t have a boss or colleague telling you that you ROCK - client testimonials are everything. SO this post is for the wonderful clients who L O V E their photogs and FIVE ways you can show ‘em some love. :)

1. Spread the love on facebook! Most photographers depend on word-of-mouth and social media to market. The facebook algorithm loves personal posts so if you share your sneaks/images from our business page it attracts the most attention! Make those images your profile pic or cover photo and tag us and put it in the caption so all your friends + fam can follow the trail back to our site. Heck - make a whole album of your favs - just tag us so we can watch all the love roll in <3

2. INSTA! The current largest social media platform! (woot woot!). Share your photogs story featuring you on YOUR story + post them to your personal insta. (Just don’t add a filter! See #4) PC (photo credit) your photog in the captions - we tend to get lost if you tag us on the photo only. :)

3. Send them a message!!! Text, message, mail a thank you! I love when clients message me minutes after we parted saying how they had such a good experience and can’t wait for the images. If you’re not a blast-it-all-over social media type person - this is a nice personal little way to say “you’re the”

4. Keep the images in their true form. Photographers spend years perfecting their style of editing/composition/brand and hours editing your session. Its heartbreaking if you insta filter / re-edit / alter composition (and also is copyright infringement) - we love seeing what images you like best but what to see them as we created them JUST for you! I personally adore my clients and put my heart into creating something special for them. Just choose a photog who you jive with editing-wise to begin with! There’s plenty of us to go around :)

5. Purchase products through your gallery’s online store! Most photogs hand-pick high quality / pro printers for products, albums, prints etc and we get a portion of the sale! I’m always happy to recommend certain products and plan to do a blog post for design ideas of your images for in your home. (stay tuned)

5. Old fashioned money tip. While not expected it’s always a little treat if that’s your way to say an extra thanks. :)