Some friendships come full circle. <3

Kelly and I have been friends since, oh, I don't know - first grade? Kindergarten? It's weird how the years all mush together and it feels like there was never a time we weren't friends - even if it has been 20+ years. 

We are the type of friends who at times would go for months without talking due to busy lives. College, dating, traveling, clinicals - just life in general gets in the way - but it was never a big deal. Just pick up right where we left off. 

I have been so lucky to have friendships that last years. "They say" (whoever "they" is) that a friendship that lasts 7 years will last a lifetime and I believe it. 

Choosing to stay at home and raise Abe has brought upon so many opportunities in my life. My favorite of course is experiencing everything through my little boy's eyes. Trying foods for the first time, meeting new physical milestones (time slow down!), and being there for almost every giggle and tear. Being home has also brought out a whole new creative side with my business. I see families different now that mine has grown.

And lastly - but so important and often overlooked - is how much my relationships have changed for the better. I have had more time with my husband, family, and close friends. Kelly being one of them.  Kelly jumps right in her car and zips the 45 minute drive to Davenport every few weeks - even if just for a few hours. We really do a whole lot of nothing and it is perfect. Play with Abe, gab about old memories, and drink plenty of coffee. 

I've loved the new found time we've spent together and she is such a beautiful and amazing friend. Always making me laugh and making me feel comfortable to talk about anything. (Plus she lets me pretty much be in oversized sweatpants and no makeup every time she's here) She really has become an extension of our family and I know my husband appreciates me having some company when he's gone for days at at time. Kelly - you're a gem!

So  Kelly - here's to you. Thank you for being a stunning model and a life-long friend.