I wrote in the last blog how much has changed since we grew our family of 2 to 3 this past year. I look at families in a whole new beautiful light. Especially families with little boys - and the McDonnell family was no exception. :)

Spending time with little John and his parents during his night time routine was so special to me. John stays in the tub til the water is cool and loves playing with his numerous bath toys and even a basketball hoop suctioned to the shower. He is so rambunctious and full of life - jumping through the hallway and wanting to start the dryer in the middle of his routine (I hope he still wants to do that as a teenager!).

I loved all his "all boy" moments but my favorite was watching him with his mommy + daddy (Camille and Ryan). The way he looks at them just melts your heart and I started to tear up a bit with seeing his little hands and lips plant love on his parents as I edited the photos. I even got an 'I love you' and 'tanks for takin pichures' with a big hug at the end (I melted into a big pile of mush). Which comes as no surprise since his parents are equally as sweet and generous and have become such dear friends to us. 

Thank you McDonnell family for letting me get a sneak peek on a bit of John's rambunctious, sweet, little world. <3