I'm officially an adult... I think. / Quad City Lifestyle Photographer

Well there you have it. I'm 30! Does that make me an adult yet? When you're young you always think being an adult means you have it all figured out (ha!) Or does it mean you can convince others you have it all figured out? Well. I definitely don't have it all figured out. Here's the scoop.

Current situation. Our adorable blonde son Abe was sleeping like a champ for pretty much the first 8 months of life (except a small 4 month sleep regression). He went down easy, went back to sleep quickly after being nursed in the night - and mommy and baby were happy and well rested. Enter teething. Seperation anxiety. The ability to stand at the edge of the crib and give the exact cry to pull on mommy + daddy's heart strings. AND we took a big step back. BUT my husband and I always try to find the half full side of everything. My husband, Alex, is LOVING the fact that Abe will cuddle up on him and pass out in minutes. Yes minutes. On me? Nope. Probably an hour of struggling to get him to sleep. I love the win for daddy though and must admit Abe getting the giggles at 3am and putting his paci in my mouth is pretty. darn. cute. 

Hm. What else do I NOT have figured out. Running a business. I LOVE it. Being your own boss, setting your schedule, having big dreams for my business - is the best. job. ever. But every time I figure ONE thing out - guess what?! There is something else to figure out! OH I got a website - woot! I have a workflow pre+post session - woot - but wait - SEO, blogging, instagram scheduling,  pinterest board, marketing - what?! But honestly - that's half the fun. I'd be super bored if I had everything figured out on the business side of things (heck - I'm still learning stuff about my camera - like back button focusing). I am beyond blessed to love what I do. There was actually a day I came home from a session and said to my husband "I love EVERYTHING about running a photography business." Amazing.

And now for the random list of other things I don't have figured out

(and possible never will - not heart broken about it). 

  1. Parallel parking. Barely passed it in drivers ed. I don't even like backing out of our driveway with my husband's truck sitting clearly out of the way. I make him crawl out of bed from naps to back out my vehicle (bless his heart.)
  2. Taking care of plants, flowers, anything requiring a green thumb. I envy all of you and your vegetable gardens, your ever beautiful tulips, even your perfect turf-like green grass. Every spring I get a full tutorial from my mom on how to take care of the flowers and they still need some serious TLC.
  3. Why people are so grumpy in the grocery store. Honestly. I think 75% of the time people are grumpy and grumbling! The workers are happier and they are WORKING. Just pick out a snack or something if you're hungry or grumpy and just smile back at me or respond when I say 'excuse us'. Geez. I even have a cute baby flirting with you for goodness sakes.
  4. How to keep our gas stove top clean. Is there a trick?! Constant battle. 

But anyway. Back to me being 30. I enjoyed a super relaxing day with my two guys traveling to Iowa CIty to enjoy a little shopping and of course some donuts. I also was pumped to use my new little mirrorless Fuji camera. Here are some snippets from the day on my new camera and cheers to not needing to ever have it all figured out. :) 





Maggie is an Iowa native specializing in lifestyle + storytelling photography both in your home and outdoors as well as small business artistry in the Quad City area. She can't turn down craft beer, live music, or local adventures.