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Wow. What a whirlwind this year has been so far! From quitting my previously full-time job to stay at home with our son + diving into almost full-time photographer in the Quad Cities - where has the time gone? Between packing in sessions on all of my husband's days off and trying to get our little man on a schedule - it was time for a business + marketing + rebrand overhaul. Plus how is Abe almost a year old?! (It's been making me a bittttt emotional) Anywho - read on for the details...

quad city family photographer

My side gig quickly transitioned to full time and by mid-February I was ready to stop shooting everything thrown my way and start focusing on what pulled at my heart strings and inner artist - couples, families, and small businesses (woo hoo! shop local!). While I do occassionally give in to other sessions (lifestyle newborn, seniors, small weddings, real estate, freelance) I felt I couldn't advance at everything and give my clients the full attention with my head in so many places. 

Quad City Engagement Photographer, Quad City Family Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer

So this year I'm planning to do a LOT of what I love - and less of what I just like. More blogging. Keeping up on my 365 days of photo project. Creating my own personal family memoir so I remember every detail of Abe + my family of three and our QC adventures. To me the new year starts at each birthday - and this month I turn the wonderful T-H-I-R-T-Y. (man - I don't feel that age!) I plan to get more personal on my blog and put my whole heart into my work. 

Storytelling through photography makes my heart sing - especially with a newly engaged couple or a family. I'm honored to get to be part of a family for just a little bit of the day and play with your kids and hear how you two met. I'd love to find a creative spot you've never done photos at before - whether it be an open corn field or the grocery store (I have a shoot wish-list that I'm dying for you to choose from!) Be warned - I don't have a bubble. I'll fix your hair so the wind blows it just right, remove the teething drool with a bare hand, and probably hug your whole family by the time we're done - but I promise to deliver photos in your gallery that make your heart sing and give you a glimpse at all the feelings you have for your honey or tribe right now. 


So stay a while - check out the new site - and let me be your storyteller. 







Maggie is an Iowa native specializing in lifestyle + storytelling photography both in your home and outdoors as well as small business artistry in the Quad City area. She can't turn down craft beer, live music, or local adventures.